It's Your Money

We are in an age of electronics; cell phones, tablets, iPads, etc...$$$ is the cost to be in the world we live in today. 

Electronics are the greatest inventions since sliced bread LOL! Funny, but true. Most of us budget in carefully to own our electronics. And when you spend X amount of dollars for your cell phone, your husband's cell phone, satisfy the kids with tablets or iPads...that becomes very expensive.

And after you have successfully purchased the necessities (electronics) necessary to carry your family unit through their  daily routines. These are the words you DO NOT want to hear. 

"Mommy!!! I just dropped my tablet!"


Honey!!! My iPhone just slipped right out my hands!" 

So when the screen is shattered, your loved ones feel just because screen is not perfect, it's not good anymore.  

Pleading to you with the saddest eyes, that Hollywood directors would pay millions for. Just the other day, my granddaughter decided that jumping and down in the kitchen was a terrific idea. 

Grant it, she has been told countless of times not to run or jump with the tablet in her hand. Immediately, she realized what I had been trying to say. Kids think two things about their parents.

We can fix everything

My "pocketbook" has an unlimited amount of cash and credit cards

Protecting your cell phones, tablets, iPads....and electronics that you and your family unit  needs is a must. Transparent film protectors and cases can help tremendously. 

High -grade Ultra-Thin Toughen Glass Protective Film will ease the mind with iPads, and screen protectors for tables, cell phones and notebooks. These are all inventions that give you peace of mind. 

Purchasing big ticket items, like cell phones, iPads, notebooks...can put a strain on the budget. But adding the protectors to the shopping cart when you buy electronics will save you money in the future.

The holidays are just around the corner; start shopping now and save your electronics by investing in protectors. Who knows, just maybe by Summer you will have saved a lot of cash for a great vacation .  And be sure to bring those "must have" electronics that Santa put under the Christmas tree, and capture those great memories!


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