ALABAMA Grown Sweet Juicy Watermelon

Ms Debbs Slicing Her Alabama Grown Watermelon

40 pounds each is the weight, these are BIG melons.  It's mid August, and I really hit the lotto with this one. Early July is usually the peek time for sweet juicy watermelons, but today I was given 2 perfectly grown melons.  Keeping this nutritious fruit in the fridge, practically everyday of the season, hydrates on the hottest day and increases my metabolism.                                                                                                      
 The melons were grown by a local farmer, he happen to mention that his largest melon of the season was 97 pounds. Cheers to him for growing the sweetest and juicy watermelons of the season.

 I lift my 40 pound melon up to the counter top, washed it, cut and slicing the into the tub container.  Minutes later  my family picked up the scent and  bowls were being filled with sweet juicy watermelon.  'Alabama Grown Sweet Juicy Watermelon' - nature's candy, tastes so good.



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