Fat Flush Detox Water Recipe

Drinking water is crucial to achievement of weight loss. The old maximum amount required was 8-8oz. glasses of water per day. Now, along with those 8 glasses of water per day, is the necessity of eating water-retaining vegetables and fruits. Eating those types of foods aids hydration, and provides the GI tract with nourishment that is vital for healthy digestion. Consuming large amounts of Vitamin C turns fats in to energy fuel for your body, and helps de-toxify your body. Clearing your body of toxins will help speed up your metabolism.

 Created by Kim Lyons, this Fat Flush Detox Water helps flush unhealthy bodily toxins, and provides a fullness in your stomach that helps minimize food cravings. This recipe was written with budgeting in mind, with the rising costs of produce. If adding more of the ingredients is desired, feel free to do so. The ingredients can be eaten, but are intended for the flavoring of the water. 








Fat Flush Water Detox Water Recipe

1/2 Grapefruit 
1/2 Orange or Tangerine
1/2 Cucumber 




Mint or Peppermint leaves  8-10 leaves.

Mint Leaves

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Cut Grapefruit and Orange into in half, save one half for the next batch. Slice remaining halves. 

Cut the cucumber in half, save one half for the next batch, and slice the remaining half. 


 Add Cucumber, Grapefruit, Orange and Mint Leaves to a half-gallon pitcher.

Fill the half-gallon pitcher to the line with water. 

Allow to stand at least over-night, to allow seepage. Letting it stand as possible maximizes benefits.

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