7 Essential Cooking Tools

Measuring Cup

Liquids are better measured in glass or plastic measuring cups

 Plastic measuring cups last longer, and are safer to use. A two- or four- cup size that uses both metric and U.S. measurements is a better buy. 

Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons don't scratch pots and pans, and help avoid burns while stirring hot mixtures. 


Sieves assist in sifting dry ingredients, and straining wet ingredients. It's best to keep a small and large sized sieve in your kitchen.    


Good for pouring hot liquids, like soup, from large pots.


Spatulas are used to turn or lift solid food from pans. Best used for delicate food, like pancakes or fish. 


Tongs are preferred for turning hot food, like fish or barbeque.

Balloon Whisk

Balloon Whisks make whisking eggs a breeze. Great to use when you need to include air in a recipe.   


Freestanding colanders add safety, and convenience to straining cooked vegetables, pasta, and cooked beans and peas. 

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