Bell Peppers

The vegetable that wakes up the taste in many dishes. Bell peppers are basic vegetables that should be in your vegetable drawer, and freezer at all times. It's just like having black pepper or table salt in your cabinet, it's a necessity.  The next time you prepare legumes, black eyed peas, Lima beans...add half of a green bell pepper and enjoy a fresh, delicious taste that you will never forget. Oh and add a corn bread muffin on the side, you'll have a lot of healthy, and little comfort too.

Spaghetti sauce, pasta salad, and many rice dishes are created with red, green, yellow, and orange bell peppers. Some peppers are sweeter than others. Turkey balls, beef balls, prepared with chopped bell peppers are great for any meal or snack of the day. Protein and vegetables all rolled up into one ball.

Harvest time is a plus for you, because this is the time to buy, store, and freeze bell peppers. When the holidays roll around, your most trusted supermarket will charge you almost triple the amount you pay at harvest time.

Now is the time to fill your freezer for future meals, make some peppered steak, potato salad, or bake a pan of dressing. Your family will love it. Freezing and storing them, bell peppers are the number one vegetable that you must have.

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