Curing the Common Cold—How to Avoid Getting the Common Cold

Author: Don Penven

America's Annual Plague-Millions of Americans will catch a cold this year.

The most common infectious disease is the common cold virus and it happens mostly because we have destroyed most of our immune system. The human body was equipped with the natural defenses against diseases, but the diets we follow have torn this wonderful healing mechanism to shreds

The common cold accounts for more absenteeism from school and the job, and most physicians cannot offer much in the way of relief. Bacteria, as some believe, are not the cause of a cold—colds are the result of a virus infection, so antibiotics are absolutely useless. Viruses are smarter than the drug companies.

How to Catch the Common Cold (As if you want to)

Virus infections are highly contagious, but we don't pick them up by being in the same room as someone who has a cold. Colds are transmitted by direct and even indirect contact. You won't catch a cold if someone next to you sneezes or coughs into his hand. It happens when you shake that hand or you pick up a ladle at a buffet after he puts it back into the pot of green beans.

The virus may lurk on door knobs, computer keyboards, and buttons on the office copier or elevator. The little buggers are everywhere.

The Best Cure for the Common Cold is Prevention?

But this physical contact does not necessarily mean you are doomed to 2-weeks of a runny nose and hacking cough. If your immune system hasn't been bombarded with a highly acidic diet, ingestion of the pesticides sprayed on the veggies and fruit you eat, and the processed, sugar-loaded delicacies and fast foods, then you stand half a chance of avoiding this nuisance.

Is Your Immune System Impaired?

If you are like tens of millions of U.S. citizens—it is! Here's a short list of why immune systems are in ragged shape:

1. Lack of Vitamin D. This essential vitamin has one primary natural source—the sun. But in some climates that's a problem. And too much sun can lead to skin cancer. Supplements are the best alternative.

2. Insufficient sleep. Oh well—that's something you have to work on.

3. Emotional stress. If this is the case, please don't turn to mind-numbing drugs. Drugs are a prime source of immune system destruction.

4. Following a high carbohydrate diet. Knock off the sugar and the grains, which includes anything made from refined, enriched (or whatever they are calling it now} flour.

One estimate I am aware of states that on average U.S. adults have 2 -4 colds a year. Thank the Lord I am not average. I've only had one in the last 3-4 years (I must be doing something right). And too many of our kids (grandkids in my case) can average 10 or more common colds every year.

So what is a body to do?

I found a reliable trusted source for a natural source for keeping healthy. I have subscribed to a newsletter, and as I mentioned earlier, I must be doing something right. Osteopathic medicine is what I believe in. Osteopathic physicians differ from conventional medical practitioners in that they are not "in the pocket of the big drug companies." They receive the same training as MDs but they get an emphasis in curing disease using natural cures, not over-priced medications.

And let's not forget the grocery store and pharmacy shelves loaded with "Cold Remedies." Think about it—have you ever found one that really provided relief?

Learn more about my trusted Osteopath and how he has helped me and countless others with his advice. For a life-changing experience—Visit my blog HERE.

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